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Marketing Analytics

A very micro-level view of the target audience is becoming feasible with increased digital activity. The ability to connect online and offline footprint is giving the new age marketer a 360-degree view of their prospects – including their demographics, attitudes, and behaviors.

Technology, data, and analytics are driving omnichannel marketing, throughout the prospect lifecycle, with personalization at the core. This is allowing marketers to identify value propositions and the best targeting options.

Operation Analytics

Analytics for Operations & Planning means different things to different organizations – Demand forecasting, People analytics, IoT, Workforce optimization, Predictive maintenance, Supply chain optimization etc. are very organization-specific because every business is unique.
Solutions built using the right combination of forecasting and optimization methods are required to address planning problems. Self-learning systems powered by artificial intelligence can help organizations approach operations in hitherto unthought-of ways.

Risk Analytics

Identifying and quantifying risk will benefit any organization – transaction fraud for a credit card company, default risk for a mortgage firm, project delay risk for a construction company, patient readmission risk for a hospital, premia for insurers etc.

Taking a unified approach by tying risks associated across an organization can give its leaders a holistic view that will help in two ways – bring in a slew of tactical risk mitigation measures, and strategic decision making at various levels that bakes in relevant risk.

Customer Analytics

Today’s world requires deeper understanding of the customer. It’s the beginning counted as one of the most important aspec. Social media, open information, new business models, and ever-increasing options make it paramount to understand the pulse of customers and predict their behaviors.
The core objectives of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and value remain the same, however, the means to the end are changing rapidly. Combining in-store and online behaviors along with social hearing and surveys is giving organizations a 360-degree customer view.
Analytics is helping organizations predict purchase patterns, customer behaviors, customer lifestyle preferences, and offering them hyper-personalized propositions. Data, technology, and predictive analytics are being used to redefine customer interactions.